Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the common questions that customers ask.
Please let me know if you have questions not answered here.

What are your prices? 

Headshot pricing is typically $150 per person. 
Pricing can vary for special situations or requests.

Family Portraits - Engagement Sessions
start at $200

Pricing will be determined during consultation

Event Photography
Pricing will be determined during consultation

Do you Photoshop my images? 

You want to look your best in the photographs and that may mean zapping that blemish that showed up, cleaning up that wild strand of hair or general clean-up of the image and color correction.  The agreed price includes this service. 

Requests for custom backgrounds can also be accomplished to match a desired color scheme or special theme. 

Can you make my wrinkles less visible?

You can look younger and thinner if that is what you want, but remember that your Headshot will need to resemble the natural you for when your customer meets you face to face. 

What if I want to make changes to an image?

Your satisfaction is the goal.  Making minor changes to an image is usually accomplished quickly.  All it takes is letting me know what you want to have corrected.

How do I see the completed images?

Dropbox is my preferred method of getting the images to you.  This allows you to obtain both high quality print ready images along with smaller images ready for social media and web site use, or emailing to your friends or family.
Putting all the images onto a thumb drive or CD are also options.